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Helping you during the Covid 19 lockdown!
Thank you for visiting my online booking page.
Im inviting you to book your video consultation with me about your foot problem.
Covid19 means we cant meet face to face during social distancing, so I am offering you one to one video consultations so we can find a way to help you fix whatever is worrying you about your foot/feet.

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Video consultation

Meet me in the "virtual" clinic

Your video consultation is just like meeting me in person: you get to tell me whats bothering you, I work out how best to help you, the only difference is we are using technology for our 'virtual' meeting.
After booking online and so we can both "hit the ground running" in your 'virtual' appointment, you will get an email asking you to detail what is bothering your feet as well as a consent form for legal GDPR purposes.
Often times, after seeing a patient in clinic I send them further resources like videos and fact sheets to help them fix their problem. I can still do that for you in my virtual clinic :)
The most important thing is getting you a diagnosis so we both know where to target our efforts to getting your feet fixed.
Are you ready to start on your recovery journey yet? Say yes and book now for a video appointment with me to help you.

Meet me in the 'virtual' clinic- looking at the problem you need fixing.

You dont need to wait to see me in person to get the help you need

Did you know that even in face to face consultations in the clinic I often spend more than half of the time listening to your answers to my questions about the problem you come with? (we can do that just as easily remotely during the lockdown)
Why do you suppose my listening to you is so important?
Its because getting an accurate and thorough history of your foot problem gives me the biggest clues about finding the right diagnosis. Right diagnosis=right treatment=your problem fixed.
Knowing the differences between corns versus verrucas, or dry skin from foot fungus (athletes foot) and how to help you get it fixed is exactly what I hope to provide in my video consultations.
How good would it feel to be back to doing the things you love doing, free from 'that foot thing' after this flipping lockdown finishes?
Lets get you started on fixing that foot problem in my virtual clinic, no need to wait for #lockdown to end, book a virtual consultation now and start your recovery journey today. xxx Dianne